Denis has happy memories of the seemingly endless games of ping-pong with Adrian Gschwend at lunchtime.

What was your job at SAD?

I worked for SAD between 2007 and 2009, and was responsible for a project in Russia that supported migrants with integration. We made a film with advice on daily life, answers to legal questions and more. The aim was to test new media channels. The film was shot in Russian and shown with subtitles in various languages. In cooperation with the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and the Levada Centre in Russia, I also carried out a study on young people in Russia, the challenges facing them and their living conditions.

What is your best memory of your time at SAD?

The working environment at SAD was very stimulating. We were a young team of recent graduates. For most of us, the position at SAD was our first proper job. I’ve got good memories of discussions about projects and – above all – the endless games of ping-pong with Adrian Gschwend at lunchtime. As for project work, I’ve got clear memories of a very intensive two-week study trip to Moscow with Niklaus Eggenberger. I’ve got happy memories of SAD. I learnt an awful lot during my time at the foundation, particularly about project management.

Where do you work now and what are your responsibilities?

Today I am the head of the international relations office at the University of Lausanne. I lead a team of seven people whose job is to internationalise the university. This includes, for example, concluding mobility contracts with other academies, participating in international projects and welcoming international delegations. All of the University of Lausanne’s activities that have an international element cross our desks.