Public Relations

Her job is not an easy one: here at SAD we love foreign words. Nadia Lanfranchi is responsible for ensuring that all the words in the annual report are actually in the dictionary, and that no jargon sneaks in, so no “participative interventions” or “evidenced-based transformation”. She’s got to make sure none of these terms end up on the new website that she designed either. But language is just one of the occupations of our head of public relations. Alongside her job, Nadia is doing a second MA in Visual Communication and Iconic Research. So she’s good at non-verbal communication too. That’s why we’re not saying much about her photo from 1991, the year SAD was founded. Although it’s worth another 191 characters to mention the time Nadia told our executive director that when she was a child she wanted to be a skier, not an “actor for sustainable transformation”.